In April of 2000, Soeder & Associates, a municipal and corporate finance boutique, opened its doors in Hartford, Connecticut, with Lisa Soeder as the sole partner. In July of 2016, Ernie Lorimer joined the Firm as a partner. The Firm has two attorneys who are partners, bringing to the table more than 80 years of combined experience in municipal finance. It also has relationships with various other larger firms that are available on an as-needed basis to provide back-up services to the Firm's clients. Soeder & Associates uses a team-oriented approach to bring the expertise of the Firm and of other firms to the project or specific issue as requested by the client to ensure that legal assistance is creative, prompt and never farther than a phone call away. Our teaming efforts and success do not stop with the integration into the team of various experts from within Soeder & Associates and law firms with which Soeder & Associates is affiliated. We recognize that, for most projects, client resources can and should be used effectively and efficiently. Thus we often bring our expertise to bear by reviewing documents and agreements generated by the client and other parties, rather than assuming the primary drafting role, which can be costly.

Nationally Recognized Bond Counsel

• Soeder & Associates is a nationally recognized bond counsel firm and a woman-owned business experienced in the areas of public and corporate finance and specifically the tax law relating to such fields.


• Soeder & Associates has been ranked consistently by Thomson Reuters as one of the top ten special tax counsel firms in the nation since 2010, and in recent years has ranked number two.


• Recognizing a need for experienced minority and women-owned counsel, Soeder & Associates made a commitment to the field of municipal finance at a time when most firms were downsizing their public finance departments.


• Members of Soeder & Associates have, throughout their careers, represented thousands of issuers, underwriters and borrowers and have closed billions of dollars worth of financings.


• With its national practice, the Firm brings to its clients significant financing experience from other jurisdictions, resulting in enhanced exposure to diverse and innovative financing structures.

Public Finance Experience

• The Firm has extensive experience in dealing with federal tax issues and a solid familiarity with entities authorized to issue bonds in various jurisdictions.


• Soeder & Associates uses a team-oriented approach to bring the expertise of members of the Firm and outside affiliates of the Firm as well as of its clients to bear on specific issues.


• To provide its clients with the full range of structuring and compliance expertise, Soeder & Associates has entered into a strategic partnership with AMTEC, a nationally recognized organization with unparalleled numbers expertise and vast experience in calculating yields, structuring escrows and transactions and performing rebate analyses.


• We believe that with our national reputation, the positions of our members on various industry boards and in various industry organizations and the support of full-service general practice law firms and financial consulting firms with whom the Firm is affiliated, the Firm can provide its clients a legal resource second to none.

Corporate Finance Experience

• The Firm has extensive experience in dealing with corporate borrowers.


• Soeder & Associates assists such borrowers in accessing low cost money by structuring transactions that qualify for tax-exempt financing or by using principles gleaned from the creation of standardized documents that lower transaction costs in connection with taxable or variable rate borrowings. We believe that with our national reputation and our exposure to all varieties of borrowing structures, the Firm can provide its clients a legal resource that saves its clients time and money.

Affirmative Action

Soeder & Associates is a woman-owned business certified as such by the following:

  • State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services
  • The Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • The Cities of Hartford, Connecticut; Houston, Texas; and Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconson
  • The California Department of Transportation
  • The State of Maine Department of Transportation
  • The Vermont Department of Transportation
  • The Massachusetts State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance
  • The New Hampshire Department of Transportation
  • The New York State Department of Economic Development (M/WBE) and the New York Division of MWBE Development (including the Dormitory Authority)
  • Certified as a disadvantaged business enterprise by the Wisconsin Unified Certification Program, the Wisconsin DOT and the Wisconson DOA
  • Certified as a small business enterprise by the City Of Milwaukee, Wisconson, Office of Small Business Development
  • Listed as an approved counsel in Oklahoma


It is the policy of Soeder & Associates, LLC to implement decisions with respect to hiring, upgrading, transfer or demotion, recruitment, advertising or solicitation for employment, compensation, training, termination, lay-off or procurement, without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, marital status or qualified handicap status.

Professional Liability Insurance

Soeder & Associates, LLC and its respective attorneys are covered by malpractice liability insurance insuring against the professional liability risk associated with the services to be rendered. The Firm maintains professional liability coverage through CNA Insurance, with limits of not less than $1,000,000, which the Firm believes is sufficient to cover its exposed risks, and which, on a percentage of dollars to attorney basis, is a much higher percentage coverage than that carried by any of the larger firms.

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